“Making your Data and AI transformation is something that is becoming normal, something that was not true two years ago.”

The english version replay of our webinar is now available.

Interesting discussions on the place and the adoption of artificial intelligence in french companies today.

Where is france situated compared to other european countries ? Are we too late ? Or in advance ?

It is to those questions and many others that Manuel Davy, CEO at Vekia, Stéphane Roder, CEO of AI Builders, and Alexandre Pinot, Associate Partner at IBM have tried to answer.

All conducted by Fabien Fouissard, Head of Partnerships at Vekia.

French companies, pushed by the covid crisis, seem to have taken the train of artificial intelligence and data, being plunged into a growing digitalized world, boosted by financial aids from a government that also seeks its development.

A real revolution with more and more use cases, or the simple continuity of already existing information systems, artificial intelligence certainly has a great future ahead, in France and around the world.

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