Vekia’s unique technology delivers value, quick and simple?

Press release

Forecasts and stock management cloud solution provider, VEKIA  launches a new solution – Vekia Engine – in April 2021 .

VEKIA Engine enables IT and Supply Chain boards to quickly and easily benefit from the entire power of probabilistic forecasting (+25% of performance compared to the previous generation) and from the low added value tasks automation in the resupplying management, without changing ERP.

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Make a positive impact on the society

However, at the heart of our society, Supply Chain is often managed in an outdated, not to mention archaic manner. The technologies and methods which are used are totally out of step with the enormous challenges related to this subject. This is mainly a problem at 3 levels:

  • Environmental: This causes a large surplus of production and transportation. Many products and materials are unnecessarily produced and shipped.
  • Human: The people involved in managing the Supply Chain generally exercise a repetitive profession. They have no vision on the impact of their actions and can therefore neither be valued nor improved.
  • Financial: Businesses lose money on unsold products due to overstock or stock-outs. Consumers pay more for a product that would be cheaper, if logistics costs had been optimized.

At the global level, these issues make a major impact on the way we treat each other but also our planet. Vekia was born from the will to put Artificial Intelligence at the disposal of the Supply Chain.

We act with the conviction that a more rational, a more respectful, and a more efficient trade is possible.

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Our common values


We act through respect and in a humane manner, whether it’s among us or with our customers and partners. We want to make a positive impact on society and keep this will in mind, while making our decisions.


And humbles. Extremely ambitious, because we work to make an impact on the world. Humble, because we know we pay for ourselves: to learn, to question, to make mistakes, to learn again, to succeed and to think about the next step. It’s all about possessing a fair judgment about oneself: not too much, not too little.


We take full responsibility for an issue; we think about it from every single angle and we make the decisions and forge ahead. Our will is to move forward, while knowing how to take risks (at times) and we challenge ourselves regularly.

Team player

Team spirit is key when it comes to the satisfaction of our customers, our success and our daily pleasure. We move forward confidently, by "making passes" and building actions in a collective and efficient manner. Each of us agrees not to be peculiarly unerring.


Humor is a form of courtesy. This is why we spend far too much time posting assemblies and memes on the internal messaging. We care about not being happy with just "artificial fun" namely our foosball and Switch. According to us, fun is a soft skill, not a material.

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