Reach Impossible Supply Chain Performance

Our AI solution assists your team to make the right decisions.

Your inventory management improves everyday.

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A New Way of Managing the Supply Chain

Supply Chain Automation

Vekia frees your teams from laborious tasks so that they focus on what is key: analysis, decision, and improvement.

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Supply Chain Performance

Our intelligent engines improve forecast accuracy, in a daily basis to provide the most relevant order offers for you.

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More Efficient and More Simple Supply Chain

Our Supply Chain solution is a new alternative to traditional and archaic tools. Finally get control on your Supply Chain, in a simple manner.

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A Supply Chain solution, but not only

The Vekia teams support you in this transformation with the same aim as you: to achieve your goals. To do so, we address each project through a unique approach, which we have developed: the PPDA approach.


Because their profession shall evolve, we help your teams to learn the Vekia solution. We take their comments into account and improve the solution.


The evolution of your internal processes is a key factor, when it comes to your collaboration’s success. We support you and guide you, in implementing these changes.


A team of Data Scientists dedicated to your project, help you define useful data and improve the latter. Therefore, they achieve the required quality, to deliver the best possible results.


Forecast and order proposals are calculated, with the help of our Machine Learning algorithms. Developed by our Lab team of researchers, they learn and improve, on a daily basis!

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Our Supply Chain solution in 2 figures


of automated orders


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