« Vekia Engine »: the SaaS solution to facilitate the adoption of last technologies concerning AI and of ML in the supply chains’ information system.

Press release – In Lille, April 14th 2021 

Vekia, publisher of a last generation cloud solution which enables to improve forecasts and stock management, launched a new solution called Engine at the beginning of April 2021.

“Vekia Engine” enables the Information Technology and Supply Chain boards of companies and public organizations to benefit quickly and easily from the entire power of probabilistic forecasting (+25% of performance compared to the previous generation) and from the low added value tasks automation in the resupplying management, without changing ERP. 

In the context of the COVID crisis and its different consequences (lockdown and clients’ new behaviors, resupplying issues…), the Supply Chain boards are at the heart of the Executive Managements’ concerns. This particular context highlighted the weaknesses of organizations and the necessity to engage investments in order to transform and improve the resilience of the supply chain, and its efficiency as well. 

To achieve this transformation, the quality of forecast and the ability to have the right stock level enable not only to improve the product availability and the clients’ satisfaction, but also the economical level of performance with an optimized WCR. 

However, it must be said that realizing technological modifications within ERPs that manage the supply chain has an important impact which affects the users and the whole supply chain. This situation usually leads to conservatism that slows down the capacity of adoption of new technologies which include AI in particular for the massive processing of data that an organization deals with when they work with a supply chain. 

“Vekia was born with the will to put artificial intelligence at the service of the Supply Chain. As SaaS solution, we act with the conviction to make not only private companies but also public body that trust us more rational, more respectful and more efficient.”

Manuel Davy, Founder and CEO of Vekia 

With such challenges, Vekia decided to offer a solution that consists in providing its calculation and automation capacities by directly connecting itself to ERPs without changing the users interfaces. The aim is to facilitate the incorporation of these technologies without engaging the change of ERP to benefit from it. Vekia Engine can interface with ERPs in cloud mode, or with on premise ERPs. 

Linked with this new offer, Vekia proposes a project management to handle the connectivity with the existing information system that enables in two months to deal with all the subjects linked to the data processor (quality, cleaning, correction and extrapolation of parcel data) and to the definition of KPIs of performance management. 

The “Vekia Engine” solution can be directly deployed by the Delivery teams of Vekia or by means of an integration partner. 

Amélioration des prévisions avec Vekia Engine

About us: 

For more than 13 years Vekia has been following its clients especially in the Retail sector with a historical on premise solution that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for the calculation of its forecasts. Since 2018, Vekia has made the choice to put its solution in the Cloud (Microsoft Azure) in order to have a power of calculation without any limits, that is capable to answer every customer’s needs and not only in the Retail. Among Vekia’s clients, ENGIE Home Services for instance chose “Vekia Disrupt” which enables to replace ERP’s functional components via users’ customized interfaces. More than 10?000 users in 50 countries benefit from Vekia’s technology.  

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