Literally, Big Data!

Regardless of your data volume size, our solution perfectly adapts to the size of your Supply Chain. It will adjust alongside your growth and enable you to approach it with confidence.


Clean and Quality Data

We collect and clean all your data to make them easily readable to use in your forecasts. We erase all potential anomalies to show data relevancy and to capitalize on their actual value.


Internal and External Data

To further strengthen accuracy, we complete your data with exogenous data to provide you with a precisely detailed overview. This will allow you to integrate knowledge you already have. From local climate to shopper demographic information, your Supply Chain takes your environment into serious account.


Secure Your Data with the Cloud

You will benefit from a Data Center and network architecture adapted to the needs of the most sensitive organizations thanks to our partner Microsoft Azure.
Our solution helps you grow and innovate while maintaining an impeccable level of security.


Discover the features of our solution

Vekia embeds the key features of an optimal SaaS Solution for your Supply Chain.

Vekia is an SaaS solution specialized in optimizing your inventory management and replenishment. Overview Plan as closely possible for your actual product demands.
Overall View  →
Perfectly stock your warehouses and stores.
Automatic Optimal Supply  →
Plan as closely possible for your actual product demands.
Demand Forecasting  →

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