Intelligent Forecasting through Machine Learning

We develop and forge innovative forecasting methods to provide you with a unique approach to forecasting demand. The continuous implementation of your data allows you to extend the knowledge of the existing model to improve the accuracy of the forecast. Are your stock levels and sales changing? Our algorithms too!


Precise Data at All Levels

Each forecast is a combination of all the data we collect, whether it is at the warehouse, store, price, promotion, product lifecycle or even weather. The automation of these tasks brings you an improved precision and frees up your time so that you can return to concentrate on your core business.


Your daily activity, our daily calculations.

Get a daily update of your forecasts based on your data and all activities that have taken place such as sales, promotions, or specific quantity changes per product. Our algorithms calculate and integrate all these changes in order to adapt daily forecasts, and above all to give you visibility on future trends. Prevention is better than cure!


Macro and Micro Control of Your Forecasts

Whether you change a quantity on a product or on all your stores, you will see in the impact in real time and that your decision impacts the entire Supply Chain. You can easily control your forecasts in your Supply Chain from the broadest to most miniscule intersection of data.


The Dashboard that Closely Follows your Supply Chain

View all your data directly from your Dashboard. Generate accurate reports in seconds and explore the functions of your Supply Chain in detail.


Discover the features of our solution

Vekia embeds the key features of an optimal SaaS Solution for your Supply Chain.

Perfectly stock your warehouses and stores.
Automatic Optimal Supply  →
Take full advantage of all your data and increase your visibility on a daily basis.
Big Data  →
Vekia is an SaaS solution specialized in optimizing your inventory management and replenishment.
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