business-case-engie Optimize and Automate Spare Part Stock in Branches and Vehicles


  • Maximize customer satisfaction
  • Allow repairs to be made from the very first intervention
  • Take all available data into account
  • Optimize inventory
  • Minimize transportation costs

Engie Home Services is the French leader in the maintenance and installation of heating, ventilation and cooling equipment.

The company maintains 1.6 million devices in the territory, which includes 14,000 daily interventions carried out by 3,300 technicians in 250 branches.

The Engie Project with Vekia

To meet its challenges, Engie Home Services has chosen Vekia’s APS with the ambition of no longer putting up with their Supply Chain, but rather managing it from start to finish. Stéphane Moillic, Supply Chain Director, led the project in collaboration with Vekia. “What we liked about the tool was its ease and speed of implementation. It’s a pleasure for a CIO.”

Being a SaaS-based solution, it was quickly deployed and implemented by the teams. Previously, each of the agencies placed orders directly with the various suppliers.

Today, Vekia’s solution takes into account a wide variety of data (supplier constraints, transport costs, parts’ prices, etc…), while offering optimal supply / replenishment suggestions based on a demand forecast calculated over 12 weeks.

« With Vekia, the business has evolved from an order-taking role to a role of informed decision-making. It's the artificial intelligence serving human intelligence »

Stéphane Moillic, Supply Chain Directot, Engie Home Services



decrease in inventory value


increase in parts availability


automated orders

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