A Supply Chain Solution Dedicated to Your Market

Vekia’s teams are dedicated to supporting customers in three target markets: retail, field services management and industry. We have built our solution to meet the specific operational, commercial and security requirements of each of these markets.


Keep a Complete Overview of Your Supply Chain

Your teams will be able to plan, analyze and order accurately with complete visibility. The Vekia solution ensures collaborative, efficient and understandable work within your Supply Chain.


Take control of our SaaS solution, become a pioneer in the Supply Chain revolution!

Lighten your IT infrastructure and significantly reduce your costs by taking full advantage of our Cloud solution. Access all new features instantly while providing your business with a secure solution. Use Vekia wherever and whenever you want.

Discover the features of our solution

Vekia embeds the key features of an optimal SaaS Solution for your Supply Chain.

Plan as closely possible for your actual product demands.
Demand Forecasting  →
Perfectly stock your warehouses and stores.
Automatic Optimal Supply  →
Take full advantage of all your data and increase your visibility on a daily basis.
Big Data  →

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