The Supply Chain Planning has never been so simple

Our solution makes Supply Chain Planning both more efficient and simpler. Our screens provide you with all the information you require, in real time. Interact easily with your Supply Chain, through our ergonomic graphic interfaces.

Orders Proposals

  • Benefit from an insight on all the orders, which are recommended by the solution and their status.
  • Look at the global metrics of your orders.
  • Filters have been specifically designed to allow you to focus on the most urgent orders.
  • You can access information for every order, individually and in a simple manner.

Demand Forecasting

  • Explore in-depth demand forecasting, and only on the references which are of interest to you.
  • The forecasts are calculated on a daily basis, by our Machine Learning algorithms, and take into account all the impacting data, whether it is endogenous or exogenous.
  • The calculation engine is self-learning and improves on a daily basis.


  • Get an instant overview concerning the health of your logistics network.
  • Standard indicators for a global vision.
  • Customized indicators to follow what is important to you.
  • The “Alert” section warns you when a surprising or risky situation has been detected, on the indicators, you’ve chosen to follow.


  • Each item in your referential has a screen which gathers all its information.
  • Be quickly informed, in terms of the purchasing conditions, statistics, and forecasts related to the reference in question.
  • Access all the current orders of the article in question through a simple click.
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Order Explanation

No black box effect! The quantities recommended by the solution are explained in detail and in a simple way. You will understand the results from the calculations of the algorithms and your logistical, physical or financial constraints, in a few seconds

Algorithm speaks to you

The tool brings important messages to your attention, relating to what you are currently viewing. The algorithm offers smart actions which you may apply. The optimal solution is then calculated and implemented.

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