business-case-mr-bricolage Avoid Shortages and Overstocks for Specialized Distribution


  • Reduce stock-outs
  • Avoid in-store overstock
  • Facilitate order taking at points of sale
  • Automate supplies

Mr.Bricolage is the first group of independent local retailers in the home and garden development market.

With nearly 800 stores, 70 of which are international, the Mr.Bricolage group generates more than 2 billion euros in turnover.

The Mr Bricolage Project with Vekia

The company’s mission is to equip itself with tools to assist in order management and supply automation. Additionally, Vekia’s search for a real retail partner led them to Mr.Bricolage, becoming a historical customer nearly five years ago.

The main in-store benefits observed include stock optimization and visibility, as well as staff time savings. In the central office, the solution makes it possible to control product flows and supervise orders. Initially operated by about thirty stores, the solution continues to be deployed throughout the entire Mr.Bricolage network.

« La technologie, aussi avancée soit elle, est indissociable de l’expertise métier. C’est cette double compétence que nous recherchions et sur laquelle Vekia a fait la différence grâce à une supériorité évidente. »

Christophe Dubus, Chief Information Officer at Mr.Bricolage



decrease in in-store stock coverage


increase in outlets' turnover


increase in sales

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