Leverage data to simplify inventory management

Vekia replenishes warehouses, distribution centers and local stores to respond to the demand with available resources while avoiding stockouts.

Use all data to quickly and easily forecast the demand and increase customer satisfaction

Ease of implementation

Immediate Performance



Data centralization

Order edition in the solution

Dedicated services


End-to-end inventory management with Vekia

Supply automation made easier. The Vekia solution banks on 4 key functions:

Intelligent orders

Your orders are calculated automatically, on a daily basis. Analyze these, understand them, and adjust these only if need be.

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Demand Forecasting

Obtain and view order forecast for each item in each of your network node.

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Your Supply Chain in a glance, through a graphical interface. The "alerts" tab brings peculiar situations to your attention.

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Advanced catalog

See all the information related to each reference in your catalog, in a jiffy.

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A New Way to Manage Your Supply Chain

AI and Machine Learning at the heart of the solution

The order forecast is calculated on a daily basis, by our Machine Learning algorithms. Our Artificial Intelligence then combines these forecasts with all of your logistical, physical or financial constraints, in order to offer you the most relevant orders possible.

Human keeps the driver’s seat

Supply automation does not mean replacing teams. The Vekia solution is a new tool for people. The profession doesn’t just disappear but evolves towards more analysis, decision, and adjustments.

Accessible from your browser

Forget about installation times and costs. The Vekia solution is developed in the SaaS mode and can be accessed from anywhere.

Your data is safe

Your personal data is neither used nor sold. Our Microsoft Azure partner provides you with a flawless level of security which accompanies your company’s growth.

They trust our solution

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