Vekia Engine

Simplify your inventory management using your data in a much better way.

Regain the control of your stocks without waiting for 2022

Demand forecast at each level of the supply chain.

Automation of repetitive tasks and orders.

Interconnected solution to your IT ecosystem.

Better performances whithout changing ERP.

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Vekia Engine features :

Licence Orchestrator

Forecast Automation

AI / ML models

ERP Connection

Our collaborators are at your side in order to build a clever and integrated supply chain :

Engie Home Services optimizes and automates its spare parts stock with Vekia

Engie Home Services chose Vekia with the purpose of managing its Supply Chain from start to finish.

Vekia take mutlitude of data into account (supplier constraints, transport costs, pieces price, ect…)  and propose optimal supplies regarding the need forecast calculated on 12 weeks.

10decrease of the stock value

5increase of pieces availibility

95of automated orders

« What we liked with this tool, it is its ease and rapidity of implementation. It is a pleasure for an IT director ». Stéphane Moillic, Supply Chain Director