Evaluate your Supply Chain performance with 10 questions.

Organisations have seen the number of data derived from existing IT ecosytem, from marketplaces, from retailers, from suppliers and from logistics specialists multiply themselves.
These data are crucial opportunities for forecasts and replenishment!
Our 4th generation Cloud Advanced Planning System solution managed to provide a pragmatic and operational answer to our clients (Retail, Field Services, Industry, Health,…) by easily interfacing their ERPs.
Our clients have been able to improve their forecasts and automate their resupplying (+3,5% of sales, -10% to 20% of stocks, -10% of logistics costs, +95% of automated tasks relating to resupplying) very quickly.
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Answer to our very quick survey and determine possible gains with a last generation APS / IBP technology .

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Measuring the performance of your Supply Chain in 10 questions!

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