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Interview Julien Rollon Supply Chain Vekia

Vekia & Julien Rollon , Project Manager at Mr Bricolage

I’m Julien Rollon, I’m in charge of Vekia’s…

Automatic replenishment retail expertise vekia

Expertise: Automatic Replenishment in Retail

What are we talking about ? An automatic replenishment system (ARS) primarily generates…

Promotional Replenishment Planning Expertise Vekia

Expertise: Promotional Replenishment Planning

What is it ? Promotions are common nowadays. They generate higher sales volume and higher product…

Inventory Expertise Vekia

Expertise : Reducing Inventory at the same service level

The aim of inventory control is to provide the maximum service level at the least possible cost. Often…

assortment planning Vekia Expertise

Expertise : Assortment Planning

While most supply chains need this, it is particularly important in retail. Retailers and FMCG (Fast…

mise en commun stock expertise vekia

Expertise : Inventory Pooling

The need during supply chain disruptions In a supply chain network, inventory is stored at almost…

The last will be first, and the first last

“The last will be first, and the first last”… Insights from the M5-competition

By Johann Robette, Supply Chain Expert @ Vekia In most supply chains, forecast accuracy rules. Is it also…

Vekia Impact business Forecast

Decision impact: 10 reasons to implement the new generation of business oriented metrics.

By Johann Robette, Supply Chain Expert @ Vekia How to measure performance ?……