Optimize the Supply and Stock of Textile Outlets

- Achieve the optimal daily distribution of the large number of references
- Maximize turnover
- Minimize stock
- Increase store stock rotation

Okaidi est une enseigne de prêt-à-porter spécialisée dans la mode enfant de 0 à 14 ans. Fondée en 1996, la structure phare du groupe ID Kids compte près de 1000 magasins répartis dans une cinquantaine de pays.

The Okaïdi project with Vekia

In order to manage the supply and restocking of its points of sale, the company decided to use the Vekia solution. This represents the data between 15 and 20 million stock positions being calculated nightly. To meet this challenge, the Machine Learning algorithms developed by Vekia use all the data deemed relevant, combines them with the parameters integrated by users, and offers suppliers the top recommendations.

By taking into account information such as product life curves, promotions, weather conditions and the location of the company’s warehouses, the solution is designed to “ensure that customers find what they are looking for, and even anticipate what they need”, explains Pierre-Yves Lobry, Director of Management and Flow at IDKids.



inventory reduction


increased turnover

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