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Second edition of [Inside Vekia] ! For this second part, we decided to go have a chat with Cyril Gryzon, who has been Product Owner at Vekia for almost three years now.

Cyril Product Owner Inside Vekia Supply chain
Cyril, Product Owner at Vekia.

What do you do at Vekia? What is your area of expertise?

I am Product Owner at Vekia, working within the product team. I’m responsible for defining new features and prioritising our client’s feedbacks with the Delivery team.

So far our product is our SaaS solution, used everyday by our clients for optimising their supply chain. Another mission that I’m working on is to design the UI (User Interface) and improve our UX (User eXperience) within the product.

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What would you say are the key skills you bring to the company?

So yes I would say both user experience design and product management. I love working and thinking about how we can improve our platform to the users, doing that requires to think about the UX while prioritising our backlog.

Our product is quite complex (Supply Chain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning) and UX has a key role to play in terms of making it simple to our users and this is where I fit the most.

How and why did you come to work for Vekia?

I used to work in a B2C startup called Giroptic, designing 360° cameras. The experience was totally great and I’ve met a lot of talents.

After this experience, I wanted to switch from B2C from B2B and this is how I landed at Vekia. I wanted to see the difference between both universes and then decide which one I liked the most.

Furthermore, i wanted to have a product that is complex in the way it’s designed and in the way it has to be relevant to the user, and I found that with Vekia, the area of supply chain, algorithms and artificial intelligence are very complex.

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Where do you see the supply chain environment in 2100?

Something ultra automated, where human action would be almost untouched, the idea, and that is something we value at Vekia is to automate as much as possible when it comes to process inside the supply chain.

As for now it is mainly focused on stock management and forecast computation, the idea is that tomorrow the algorithm will be giving out the tasks directly to robots and machines.

What is according to you the best quality for a coworker?

I would say cohesion is important, having someone who is a team player. Each of us has skills and we like the skills to complete each other. The idea being that inside the team, everything we suggest (features, user’s feedback, roadmap…) is discussed and we come to a global agreement.

That’s what we do in the product team, with other Product Owners and Developers, we each have our own way of doing something, despite that, when we launch a new feature, we know everyone agreed to it, and we move towards the same goal.

We answer the user’s needs and we know how to do it. So i would say team player, listener, but also a fun and social side, it’s always nice to have people you fit with at work. So yes, team player with a touch of fun and synergy between the personnalities and the skills.

What do you like the most about living in Lille?

First of all I grew up here, so what I like is having my friends and family close to me. Lille is a really nice city, and it’s beautiful.

The city itself is really cool and pleasant, there is an atmosphere here that I like. Lots of things to do, we are close to Belgium, the Netherlands, Paris, England, and one hour away from the sea.

Then of course there is La Braderie de Lille! (Biggest flea market in europe).

Vekia has now moved to a new office, what is the best memory you had in the former one?

I remember one day we had a mixing class session, everyone brought their own records, turntable, soundsystem, beatbox… We had a DJ masterclass by some colleagues for us.

The atmosphere was awesome but unfortunately it didn’t helped me to scratch like pro!

If you had to describe the Vekia solution in 3 words what would they be?

Optimal replenishment solution 🙂

Choose the next person that will be interviewed!

I choose Sylvain !

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